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Steri 'n' Stock(r)

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Steri 'n' Stock® can now be purchased as Steri OR Stock!

License just one module or license and unlock the full product,
the choice is yours.

With special thanks to
Ann Maree Ford and Kylie Galletta from Integrated Infection Control
and all our Beta Testers.

Steri 'n' Stock® is sterilisation tracking and stock control all in the one simple, easy to use application!

The key to Steri 'n' Stock® is its simplicity, if you are looking at having a paperless practice - then Steri 'n' Stock® is the answer!

Steri does more than just track your critical instruments: it enhances your infection control process and prevents unsterilised or non-checked instruments being used on your patients.

Stock allows you to manage your expenditure, so you can focus on dentistry and not your stock levels. Your stock may be larger than expected because of over ordering or needing to urgently order an item due to not knowing it's current stock level status.

Below are some of the highlights from version 3.01...

  • New Graphical Interface.
  • Improved usability on touch devices.
  • Sterilisation tracking meets the Australian standards - AS/NZS 4815:2006.
  • Streamlined data entry, making it even quicker to record the cycle data.
  • Includes steriliser testing records.
  • User login security.
  • Functionality to assist with staff training.
  • "Aged Packet" management.
  • Barcodes generated from another application or pre-printed are supported.
  • Barcodes generated by the steriliser, after sterilisation, are supported.
  • Easy identification of items currently on order.
  • Stock return tracking.
  • Streamlined stocktake entry.
  • Stocktake by Location.
  • Easier Order processing with online providers.

Steri 'n' Stock® uses standard Avery® labels for the Stock module and has a dedicated label printer for the Steri module.

The need to manually add entries onto your steriliser's log sheet are a thing of the past. By using Steri 'n' Stock® it is all recorded electronically. You can now embrace the paperless concept as all records can be accessed and printed as required. If a steriliser cycle fails, all items that were in that cycle are unusable and Steri 'n' Stock® prevents all of these items from being assigned to any of your patients. This greatly increases your ability to manage an effective and safe infection control process.

Maintaining your stock becoming more involved than you want it to be? Take the hassle out of stock control by using Steri 'n' Stock®. Easily see what your monthly usage is and order only what you need. No more wastage or over ordering. Generate Stocktake reports and see what your current stock levels are. Stock is designed to keep your business doing what it does best and takes the worry out of your stock management.


Each cycle is assigned a barcode and then allocated to a patient on use.

With just a few clicks, you can enter the critical instruments and print barcodes, ready to be sterilised. Once out of the steriliser, the packet is easily assigned to your patient.

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Steri Packet

Contact us for an online demonstration and see for yourself.
Steri 'n' Stock® will make tracking your instruments quick and easy.


Stock is just as simple. Any item that needs to be controlled, enter it into the Stock module. It is assigned a unique barcode (if necessary) and whenever the item is used, just scan the barcode.

At any time you can view the available stock, generate usage reports and create stock orders, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

(click the image to see a larger view)

Stock Barcode

Contact us for an online demonstration and see for yourself.
Steri 'n' Stock® will make stock control quick and easy.


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