Steri 'n' Stock®

Version 4.3 is now available!


Initially created after discussions with one of our IT Support clients in 2006, Steri 'n' Stock® has since become an integral part of many Dental and Medical practices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Special thanks goes to Ann Maree Ford and Kylie Galetta for assisting in the compliance aspect of the Sterilisation Tracking. Also a shout out goes to all of our loyal clients who have given up their time with feature requests and testing.

What is new in Version 4?

Version 4 was originally released in late 2019, and was rebuilt from the ground up on a new coding engine. This allowed us to tweak the application to provide a better client experience, with improved performance, better printing mechanics, and 2D scanning capabilities for our Steri Tracking module. Since then, each update has improved on this new base and has incorporated client focused improvements and requests.

Now in mid-2022, with the availability of version 4.3, we are pleased to announce the inclusion of a new module, Archive Management, or Archiving for short. This new module will allow practices to manage items that are stored for a specific period of time (like x-rays, charts, or models), and then need to be located and discarded or given to the patient concerned.

Steri Tracking

The need to manually add entries onto your steriliser's log sheet are a thing of the past. By using Steri 'n' Stock® it is all recorded electronically. You can now embrace the paperless concept as all records can be accessed and printed as required. If a steriliser cycle fails, all items that were in that cycle are unusable and Steri 'n' Stock® prevents all of these items from being assigned to any of your patients. This greatly increases your ability to manage an effective and safe infection control process.

Steri Tracking

Steri Tracking can be purchased as an individual module, or as part of the complete Steri 'n' Stock® package.


Stock Management

Is maintaining your stock levels becoming more involved than you would like it to? Take the hassle out of stock management by using Steri 'n' Stock®. Quickly and easily check your current stock levels, report on your monthly usage and order only what is required. Reduce wastage, urgent orders that incur freight charges, and eliminate over ordering. Stock is designed to keep your business doing what it does best and to take the worry out of your stock management.

Stock Management

Stock Management can be purchased as an individual module, or as part of the complete Steri 'n' Stock® package.

Archive Management

With the need to store items like x-rays, charts, or models, for a set number of years, the demand to effortlessly manage their location, retention, and disposal is a must. Archiving allows your practice to generate barcodes for patient items, and record the location, and disposal date. Reports and alerts will assist in identifying items that are no longer required to be kept and provide the practice the ability to streamline storage containers, rearranging contents, and locations to make the best use of the available storage area.

Archive Management

Archive Management can only be purchased as part of the complete Steri 'n' Stock® package, this module is not sold separately.


We are an ISO 9001 accredited day surgery and are exceptionally busy. We have been using Steri ‘n’ Stock for 18 months and it has enabled us to streamline our sterilisation records effectively and meet the exacting standards required of us as a smaller day surgery organisation.

We have recently started to use Steri’ n’ Stock for tracking and ordering of our high value and critical stock items and are very impressed with the simplicity and useability of the system.

I would recommend this system to any smaller day surgeries looking for a system that will enable them to have the technology often only available to larger organisations and the expertise and back up we have received has been excellent.

Director of Nursing, Melbourne Day Surgery, VIC

The Infection Control Policy at Dentistry on Marlston is that we believe all instruments should be regarded as “critical items” and be processed accordingly. The Steri ‘n’ Stock software program has enabled us to “track” all the instruments within our Practice effectively, efficiently and equally.

Steri ’n’ Stock integrates with our Dental software operating system (EXACT), allowing us to be totally paperless and accountable, we are able to run reports when required to track instruments and sterilized batches.

We are in the process of entering all our stock items into the software program making the stock control, ordering and receiving of stock more efficient also. We expect this to be just as easy to use and operate.

The program is very easy to set up and is very user friendly. The back-up support from the team has been second to none, taking on board any suggestions submitted and addressing those suggestions with regular upgrades. They are quick to respond to any query put forward via phone or email.

Using and operating Steri ’n’ Stock in our Practice has made the transition into “Tracking” effortless and we regard it as a very valuable tool in our efforts to maintain a high standard of Infection Control.

Dentistry on Marlston, WA

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Steri 'n' Stock® integrate with my Practice Management System?
      At this stage the applications that integrate are Exact, Oasis, PracticeWorks, OrthoTrac, Open Dental, and Ultimo.
      We are always looking at expanding this list, however, this sometimes requires an end user to push for this feature with their Practice Management software provider.

  • Can I use Steri 'n' Stock® as a standalone package if the integration is not currently supported?
      Yes 100%, the integration is not required to utilise the application to its fullest.

  • Can I supply my own barcode scanners and what type is recommended?
      Definitely, contact us to discuss the make and model that you already have, or are looking at purchasing - most 2D scanners will be fine.

  • Will I need a computer in my Steri area?
      To simplify and streamline the Steri Tracking, it is highly recommended that a computer (desktop, laptop, All-In-One, or Windows tablet) be installed into the sterilisation area.

  • Do I need to print barcode labels for all of my stock items?
      The short answer is no. The longer answer is determined by where the stock items are stored and how the practice wishes to manage them. A report can be printed that contains a list of all (or selected) stock items, and their respective barcodes, and some practices choose to utilise this method instead of printing individual labels. Where possible, the barcode on the stock item itself can be used, thus removing the need to print any labels altogether.
      In most cases, practices find a combination of labels, reports, and stock item barcodes (in varying degrees) works best.