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At IT in Dentistry, we are committed to selling you the best quality product. We are not in the business of selling you an item and then walking away; we want you to look at what you would like from your system today, and then consider what you may require from it in the future. We are about providing a solution that will meet your expectations now and your needs into the future.

One of the ways we do this is by aligning ourselves with key product and equipment providers and manufacturers as well as sitting down and working through ALL of your requirements. Some of our key providers that we have partnered or allign ourselves with are Microsoft, Symantec, Trend Micro, FortiNet, SonicWall and TPG Internet.

We also believe that the investment in your IT solution should have a minimum life span, and we plan all of our solutions with that in mind. There is little point selling and installing a brand new computer network to find that in six months you need to update it to incorporate a product you now use or a service you want to offer your patients.

Hardware - IT and Peripherals
IT in Dentistry sells only the best quality computers and peripherals, we source all of our hardware, parts and peripherals from major IT wholesalers in Australia. We pass onto you any discounts that we receive so that you always get value for money.

So what is a peripheral? It is anything that connects to or interacts with your computer - it may be a printer, scanner, external USB drive, keyboard or mouse. These days it is almost "the sky is the limit".

Ask us for a quote on any of your computer or peripheral requirements.

IT in Dentistry sells most mainstream software packages from Microsoft, Symantec, Trend Micro, etc.

We sell OEM**, Retail or Licensing - ask our sales staff for pricing.

**Please be aware that OEM licensing is strictly sold with new hardware and will not be sold separately.

IT in Dentistry has also developed a program for Sterilisation and Stock control called Steri 'n' Stock®. For more information click here or use the navigation buttons above.

Web and Domain Hosting
IT in Dentistry uses Domain Registration Services as our domain registrar and hosting provider. They are an accredited Registrar in Australia and offer email services and web hosting with a variety of requirements and configurations. For more information visit their web site, www.domainregistration.com.au or call them on 1300 660 603.

There are plenty of choices when you are looking at your domain or a web presence for your business, and we would be more than happy to talk to you about the choices that are out there and what best suits you.

We offer Web Design providing content and layout planning as well as deployment to your respective ISP or domain hosting service.


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